Bed-and-Breakfast With Bears

If there is one genre of games that is easy to access, calms anyone who plays it, and can last forever, it would be open-world lifestyle games like Stardew Valley and Among Trees. One game to put on your wish list is Bear and Breakfast, a fairly new game that is perfect to play when stressed or bored.

The feel of the game perfectly complements the art style. The art is elaborate in its own way. The character and character sprites pop out and are easy to find; no one is going to be wearing a camo net or have a massive sun floating above their head. One of the best parts about the characters is that their clothing is all interesting and tells a story. Take, for example, the friendly raccoon named Took that loves trash and lives in a dumpster. Sporting nothing but a battered yellow t-shirt with a watermelon on it, in just one frame you know the shirt has been through a lot and is never leaving Took’s side. 

Courtesy of Bear and Breakfast’s Media Kit

The personalities of the characters also fit the story. It’s nothing big, but it’s definitely engaging and funny. There are no overly emotional heart-wrenching scenes nor any overly complex stories about one person’s battle. Every character is complex and yet simple in the most perfect way. 

One of the main selling points of Bear and Breakfast is making the bed-and-breakfast come together. You have many options when it comes to how you can decorate and build the bed-and-breakfast. If you want a bigger house to work in, as well as more types of rooms, just follow the story. It’s not hard to complete each chapter but it’s always fun to explore the new areas as well as getting the new room types provided.

When it comes to the customization of houses, you have many options. Going for a more rustic and outdoorsy look? Go to the garbage dumpster run by Took the raccoon. Looking for a more modern feel and better comfort? Go to the inflatable shark in each part of the map and buy some blueprints. 

The team who made Bear and Breakfast was small, comprised of only 5 people living in Romania, all under the name of

Courtesy of Bear and Breakfast’s Media Kit

Gummy Cat. Gummy cat studios started work on the game when it was announced at the Indie World Showcase in August, 2020. They finally released it to the public on July 28, 2022. You can pick up a copy of Bear and Breakfast on steam here for 19.99 and on the Nintendo Switch here for 19.99