Circe Review

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Circe by Madeline Miller was released in 2018 but continues to be a fan favorite three years later. Miller made her name as an author when she published The Song of Achilles in 2011. Both books are modern retellings of ancient Greek mythology. 

Greek mythology has been an increasingly popular theme in literature and was popularized through social media. It helps that there’s something for every age range within the genre. The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan is a great example that targets elementary and middle schoolers. Miller’s style is written for a slightly older audience which makes it perfect for high school students. 

Circe specifically is a masterpiece when it comes to bringing ancient myths back to the modern world. The story follows the infamous Circe, a goddess born to Helios and Perse, who is different than her divine relatives. She and her siblings are born with the power of witchcraft which had not been seen before. 

The novel follows her as she changes from a naive daughter to a force to be reckoned with. The cast of characters adds to the intrigue as they each contribute to the changes that Circe goes through. 

Miller does an exquisite job of showing character development while telling a story that spans centuries. Her ability to reach the emotions of a diverse audience is unparalleled. The world of literature is sure to be keeping an eye on Madeline Miller, and whatever she decides to do next. 

Circe, I expect, will become a classic for the generations to come. Miller has woven together a timeless story that will set the bar for many aspiring writers.