Into Another Dimension … and Another… and Another


Mia Vaughn

When you first enter this room, you find a giant glass castle, with a spinning celling, and playable organ.

     Meow Wolf Convergence Station is a newly opened portal to another dimension. Located in between the highways near Empowerment Field at Mile High, it is a 90,000 square foot interactive art exhibition with over four floors that has art from over 300 people- 110 of those artists are Coloradans. 

     The art consumes you from the moment you enter.  Every surface has been considered by the artists to ensure that the reality they have created envelopes you completely.  There are several rooms that surprise you the moment you enter. There are so many things to look at and enjoy, that there is no way you can absorb everything. You can go through a door and end up lost in a different reality. When you think that you have seen it all, another thing appears. You turn a corner and are met with a giant castle with gargoyles. You poke the wall and find out it’s squishy. When you first enter, you are ushered into an elevator, then, once it opens, find yourself in a transit station that looks real.

Zoe Watts stands in front of the landscape of Numia, one of the dimensions that can be found in Meow Wolf. (Photo Provided by Zoe Watts)

    Immersive art is something where you are no longer just looking at the art and enjoying it from afar, but instead being able to interact with all parts of it. The experience that someone can get from it is something that a museum can’t offer. It appeals to more of the senses instead of just sight, allowing for a more engaging experience. It allows someone to escape from one reality and be transported to another. A person’s full imagination is engaged. . .you can lose yourself in the experience and be transported to other worlds or places.

     Convergence Station is a transit center in between three differently themed dimensions. When you get there, you are ushered into an elevator, then spat out into the other worlds. There are three main dimensions that you can explore. There is a crystal palace with a playable organ inside. A forest with trees and vines harboring strange creatures. You can walk through a door, then find yourself in a futuristic city that has cars you can climb in, and shops you can explore. The attention to detail is incredible and there is an underlying story that you can explore, complete with myths, history, and its own language and characters.   I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go and check out of reality and into their imagination.

Tickets and more information can be found here.