Taking The Game Home

Conifer High School’s Homecoming Game


Mia Vaughn

The Conifer High School football team taking the ball down the field.

     It’s no secret the homecoming football game is one of the most anticipated games of the season. Students get excited for the homecoming dance while showing school spirit while athletic teams try to take the wins of the week. 

     For Conifer High School the homecoming game was held on September, 17. The Conifer Lobos played against the Fort Morgan Mustangs. Fort Morgan High School is known for having tough competition within its athletic teams, and tough competition is just what they brought to the game. 

     “Fort Morgan was just a great team,” sophomore, Grady Forsythe, said. “They are big, fast, and well-coached. During the game, I was just focused and stayed positive.”

     Throughout the game, Forsythe kept a powerful defense and played multiple receiving runs. Conifer put up a good running game, while Fort Morgan was able to get past Conifer’s defense and play with a strong offense. 

     “We prepared like always by watching film and going over-blocking,” senior, Gauge Womack, said.

     The game ended with a score of 42-6, giving the win to Fort Morgan.

     “Me, personally, never gave up no matter the score.” Womack said. 

     The Conifer football team is scheduled to play next on September, 23. They will be playing against Palisade at Mesa University.

     “The goal for the next game and for the rest of the season is to play like it’s your last and focus on one play at a time.” Womack said.