Mask Walk Out

Students walked out to protest mask mandates


Photo by Zoe Watts

Paxton takes a photo with protesting students by the flagpole.

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     On September 10th, 2021, Students at Conifer High School, along with students across the United States, protested the mask mandates by staging a walkout. 

     News of the walkout spread to students through social media. A post, calling September 10th ‘National School Walkout Day’, called for students to walk out of school at exactly 10 am. The picture had been spread around so many times that the original author was lost. 

     “Let’s take action and get our kids involved! 9.10.21 @10am teens will remove masks and walk out of their classrooms. This is a peaceful way to show there are more of us than they know and we will stand up for our freedoms,” the post read. 

     The mask mandate in Jefferson County is required in public schools and public transportation. They have been slowly lifting regulations as the pandemic calmed down. 

     Rumors have been circulating about a possible walkout for several weeks, but until September 10th, nothing had happened. 

     Several students, most of whom did not want to be named, participated in the protest. They stood outside by the flagpole. Principal, Wesley Paxton, joined them outside and addressed their protest. 

     “I appreciate you guys standing up for your first amendment rights and your concerns. We’re trying to make it as convenient and safe for you guys to be here at school. At least you’re not at home, you know?” Paxton said. 

     The students stayed outside for 18 minutes before Paxton ushered them back inside and back to class. 

     “There were supposed to be more of us. There was a huge group chat, and everyone was posting about it on their stories. I can’t believe so many people chickened out,” an anonymous Freshman said. 

     Only five students were present at the walkout at Conifer High School, while bigger schools in Jefferson County had higher turnouts. 

     “It very much shows that people don’t wanna wear the masks even though they know that they need to,” Senior, Marina Cadilli, said. 

Cadilli was not a part of the mask protest.