Tackling Through Life’s Challenges


Todd Michael

Pierson Michael, number 27, stands on the field during Conifer’s game against Skyview.

Pierson Michael is a freshman coming into Conifer High School. On Saturday, the 28th of August, Micheal officially started his season of JV football as a linebacker for the Conifer Lobos. After playing for about 6 years, Micheal is very excited to be finally playing for the high school.

 “I am really looking forward to this season,” he said, “it’s gonna be really fun this year.” The JV football team meets Mondays through Fridays and has games on the weekends, where they will battle Conifer’s rivals for victory. 

Micheal’s football career first began in the third grade, when he was eight. Both of Micheal’s older brothers, Tanner and Tyler, were involved in football, which inspired young Micheal. So naturally, Micheal followed his big brother’s footsteps and joined his first football team, the South Jeffco Broncos. For the entire 6 years Michael played, the South Jeffco Broncos were his team, but this year Michael is finally looking forward to playing for the high school with his brother. Michael’s older brother, Tanner Michael, is a Junior who attends Conifer high school and shares a close brotherly bond with Michael. But sadly, last year Tanner dislocated his shoulder in a game. Even after it was put back in place, his shoulder kept popping back out. In December of 2020, Tanner got surgery for his shoulder. But despite everything they had done, the injury persisted and the shoulder popped back out.

 “We went to the doctor and talked about it, and they don’t think he is going to be able to play again, which really sucks,” Michael said. So, in a disappointing turn of events, Michael’s hopes of playing out on the field with his brother were dashed. 

Michael has faced many hurdles in his football career, like his brother’s injury, managing both football and homework, and the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite it all, Michael has high hopes and a love for the game. 

“I’ll try to go to college for it,” Michael said, “but if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out, y’know.” After having both brothers play football, and Tanner being unable to play, Michael feels like there is a lot of pressure on him to perform well on the field.

“I have to carry the legacy a little bit,” Michael said.