The Older Half-Sister

Alyson Meyers on her relationship with her 33-year-old half-sister


Alyson Meyers

Meyers and her family

“My older, half-sister, is 33 and she’s a doctor.” 

When Alyson Meyers’s dad had his first child, Cami at the age of 17 he didn’t just leave, like most teen dads. He stayed and helped raised his daughter. He was at her birthday parties, took her to sports games and was at her graduation.

Even once he had his other daughters, Alyson and Maya, he still was as active in her life as he could be, although he was living with Alyson and Maya. 

And now after years of work and school at Kansas State University, she lives and works in Vancouver, Washington as an Internal Med doctor. 

Although Alyson and Cami may have a wide age difference, 17 years, the two are still quite close. They didn’t

spend the same amount of time together as Alyson and Maya do, but as Alyson has grown up they have been able to connect and relate more and more.

“In the winter we go skiing sometimes and if we see each other in the summer we like to go hiking. We do a lot of outdoor activities together,” Alyson said. 

Alyson’s older, half-sister, Cami (Photo Provided by Alyson Meyers)

However, with the age gap between Alyson and her sister, and now the large separation of living locations, the two don’t see each other very often, nor do they really talk to each other considering Cami’s work schedule and Alyson’s school schedule, but the plan is for Alyson and her family to take a trip and visit Cami in Washington before Alyson graduates from Conifer High School.