Seniors 2022 – Portrait Information


Senior Portraits 2022

Seniors!  Congratulations, 2022 is YOUR year.

Many of you will take senior portraits over the summer and we want to let you and your photographer know the specs to make the process easy. Click on the link above for specific information.

The photo you choose for the YEARBOOK must comply with school dress code and yearbook requirements:  No hats, sunglasses, guns, pets, cars, bikes, horses, cats dressed as unicorns (yup, it’s a thing), or anything else that detracts from your face.  Go ahead and take those fun photos, but for the yearbook you will want a photo, preferably taken outside, from the torso up.  No need to crop because our software does the cropping for us.

Check the preferred photographer list if you aren’t sure where to get your photos.

A few tips for home photographers:

  • Photographer, make sure the sun is at YOUR back.  That way, beautiful light is on the subject.
  • Avoid photographing when the sun is high (around noon, when the sun is beating down).  At this time of day, the sun creates shadows on the subject’s face that aren’t attractive.
  • Before taking the photo, really look through the viewfinder:  is there a tree or branch poking awkwardly out of the subject’s head? are you near a highway and a truck is driving through the subject’s head?
  • Take several photos and feel free to send as many as you like – your yearbook staff will choose the most flattering photo to place on the page.

SEND senior portraits to [email protected]