Hosting an Exchange Student for the 2021-2022 School Year


Courtesy of Jeffco Schools

Check out this page to learn more about International Student Exchange through Jeffco Schools.

During the incoming 2021-2022 school year you and your family can host an Exchange Student. By doing this you can share the American culture to young people from other countries and cultures. This is a way to learn from other cultures and to teach your own. 

How does this work, you may be wondering? The Exchange student works with an outside organization that then is connected to the district. This organization is called Education First (EF Tours). The district and organization works together to make sure the student has all they need to have, like paperwork, and just to make sure everything is in the right place. Then later, when they are sure the student has everything they need, they look for a school to place the student based on what they are looking forward to when coming here, like for example if they have a specific sport they want to play or an environment they want to be in. 

The exchange students are then placed with a Host family; this usually takes place during summer time so the host family and student get to know each other better. When they come to school there are only two classes that they are required to take which are English and Modern U.S history since the school wants to steer them into the same direction as other students and they also want them to know American history better. After that, they can take any other classes they wish to take. When exchange students come here, it is more of a cultural and language experience rather than academic. They learn English and what the American culture is like. 

Although this year there hasn’t been any report of any exchange students coming to the school, in past years there were two German students and a Ukranian student. Exchange students can come from all over the world as long as they go through the process of working with the organization and the district. 

If you would like more information about this, you can contact Mrs.Lauren Drabble at [email protected]. Also visit these websites Study Abroad and 

International Student Exchange