Rough Rugby

The COVID-19 Challenges Rugby Faces This Season


Reagan Schneider

The PAC rugby team competes in Littleton the season before last, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic

       Spring sports have begun, including Pac Rugby, a league that includes players from PCHS, Conifer, and Evergreen. Rugby is taking a big hit due to COVID-19. Restrictions teams have to follow this year to ensure the safety of the kids and the fans have taken away many valuable players the team had.

       The team’s player count has taken a hit during the season and has made players reach out to students at their school to see if anyone else would want to try out for rugby.

       “Our biggest challenge is a lack of players because of quarantined and injured players,” sophomore Jared Bohne said. “A lot of people are being quarantined though we have no positive cases.”

       Although the team is going through a rough patch in the D season, they have been able to pull through and are coming into their regular season with a positive pre-season record of 5-1. 

       “The season so far has been very good,” sophomore Max Poppelreiter said. “Our team is doing well now that we are in the D season with a 1-0 record and a pre-season record of 5-1.”

       This rugby season hasn’t been going as planned, but the team has managed to stay on their feet to keep up with other teams. With many more games to come, the players are confident about overcoming these new challenges and going through the opponents as hard as they would in a regular season.

       “I feel that our team will go a long way in the future because we have a bunch of underclassmen to carry on the team along with great coaching by Hugh Miller,” Poppelreiter said.