Conifer Volleyball falls to Golden


Maddie Potter

Emily Gnuechtel, sophomore, jousts with Chloe Axelrod, #11, junior, from Golden High School. “My favorite part is the team’s energy when we get a kill or score,” Gnuechtel said.

After a very strong start, the girls on Conifer’s varsity volleyball team had high hopes for the remainder of the season. So far, the team had won 3 of their 7 games, winning their first two games against Evergreen and Arvada, and continue to work hard and build their team spirit.

     “I felt pretty good,” sophomore Cora Spencer said after their game against Golden on Tuesday, April 6, “Even though we lost we put up a good fight. I think winning at least one match, we know that we’re being challenged by the right teams.”

     Spencer and her teammates shared an optimism that kept them going during games. Their optimism and drive to improve as individuals and as a team kept them motivated to continue trying their best during even the most difficult games.

Sophomore Cora Spencer, #10, huddles with her team after scoring on the opposing team. “I felt pretty good. Our fight definitely improved from yesterday,” Spencer said. (Maddie Potter)

     “My team goal,” senior Faith Hemerley said, “is to play more like a team and come together as one and be like one mind.”

     On a large scale, personal connection had been difficult this year with social distancing and sporadic quarantines. Teamwork was greatly affected by the connections made within the team and, this year even more than most, forming those connections had been a struggle.

     “Trusting each other is such a big thing,” Spencer said, “We need to trust each other and I think us playing together more and having practice everyday will help build that trust that we need.”

     While the task of bonding as a team on top of building skills, and playing games against other schools may have seemed daunting, the varsity team has been doing very well this season. The team is continuing to improve and the future is bright for them throughout the rest of the season.

Mackenzie McConnell, junior, standing to the right of senior Faith Hemmerly, joins her team in celebration after scoring a point. This game took place on Tuesday, April 6, and Conifer lost the match to Golden High School. “Our hitters, especially middles, were doing really good on picking up everything and hitting hard and just putting them out of commission,” said McConnell. (Maddie Potter)

     “I think we’ll do pretty good,” junior Mackenzie Mcconnell said, “We’ll just improve from here on out.”