A Place to Tell Stories

Conifer Literary magazine to feature student work from across the Conifer community


Conifer’s literary magazine can be accessed from the breadcrumbs atop the home page of the newspaper website and features student-written fiction, poetry, and art

       On CHStoday.net one can find news stories and updates about what is happening in Conifer, but there is another side of the site that is often overlooked. The Conifer Literary Magazine is a collection of short stories, poems, and narrative pieces. It is a place for students to show off their own writing, and tell any kind of story they want. 

       “I enjoy writing a lot, but informational and argumentative writing is a lot less enjoyable, and the Literary Magazine gives me an outlet to write what I want,” sophomore Maddie Potter, said.  The Literary Magazine is a place to write about whatever you want and a place to express yourself without the restrictions that often come when writing essays for class. 

       There is a freedom that comes with the Literary Magazine, and while it is on the news website it is a place to create freeform writing. There is less structure and you can write about whatever you want without the rigid structure, nor the pressure, of writing for ELA classes. 

       “It’s fiction, so it allows you to bend the rules of writing a bit,” editor Zoe Watts said. She is one of the main contributors to the Literary Magazine, but the newsroom is looking for more writers to feature on the page. 

       There are no extra commitments, all you have to do is write! Whenever you feel inspired to write a poem or story you would like to have published, find Mrs. Thompson and have a conversation about getting it on the website.

      The Literary Magazine is a great place to have fun and is the perfect place for those who love to write. There are also opportunities for those who would like to submit art or any photography to go along with the stories. It lets you publish your stories to a place people will see them.

       Watts uses the website as a place to break up the day to day school life.

       “Even if you don’t think you’re the best, just give it a try. Even if you don’t love writing, you can step out of your comfort zone and just have fun.”