The SAT Kickoff

Students Prepare To Take The SAT


Graciela Fischer

A page from a SAT study guide book. Some students use study guide books to help prepare them for the SAT. “The prep book was super helpful,” Watts said. “I’m glad I used it because it has a lot of tips and tricks for the harder questions.”

       Stress overflows the minds of junior high students. They begin to anxiously study, trying to get a better understanding of math and English questions. The excitement of junior year takes a pause as students begin to take the SAT.

       The SAT is a graduation requirement. Students then give their SAT scores to colleges. Students start taking the SAT during the second semester of their junior year and can take the test as many times as they would like. This Saturday, March 27th, students will gather at Conifer High School for the SAT kickoff.

       “I am very anxious and nervous about the SAT, but I am feeling very hopeful that I might do well,” junior Paul DeStefano said. “I have been stressing over this exam for the better half of the year.”

       There are many resources for students when it comes to studying for the SAT. Some students get study guide books. Others use Khan Academy, which offers practice tests. Conifer also has pre-tests for students, starting their freshman year. Many students find these resources beneficial, especially since studying for the test can be overwhelming.

       “I have been allocating time every week to practice… The best resource I have come across is Khan Academy,” DeStefano said. “I particularly enjoy the free, full-length practice exams on Khan Academy. The exams are graded and scored within seconds of completion to give you a good idea about where you might fall when taking the actual exam. With Khan Academy, I have seen a score increase of about 100 points since my first PSAT this year.”

       Living in Colorado, most people know that weather is a battle locals have to fight constantly. Many students had planned to take their SAT on Saturday, March 13th. However, due to extreme weather conditions, the SATs were rescheduled to the 27th of March.

       “I’m relieved,” junior Zoe Watts said. “But I think the stress of the sudden change was just as bad as the stress from preparing all week.”

       Covid also played a role in the SAT. With restrictions such as social distancing and only being allowed small groups in a room, Covid has changed how the SAT is done.

       “[Covid] has made the SATs more of a struggle,” junior Piper Espinosa said. “We worry about catching Covid every time we leave the house, and on top of that we worry about the SATs themselves.”

       Stressful is often a word people used to summarize their junior year. Many students are excited to get done with their SATs.

       “I will be relieved once I am finished with the test,” DeStefano said. “But I am prepared to put more effort into improving myself.”