Orchestra Evolving During Coronavirus

       Instrumental music in high schools is often overlooked, but it is getting even less attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So many aspects of these programs have been forced to change by new restrictions. It’s important to be close to those you’re playing with, and COVID-19 has completely derailed the favorite activity of many Conifer High School students.

       “Orchestra this year has been somewhat difficult to adjust to,” senior Helen Erickson said. “After playing in a huge group of 20 for the past 3 years only seeing one other person in my cohort has been a big change.”

       For many high school students, music is one of the only things that keeps the stress of school from being overwhelming. Especially for upperclassmen, difficult classes and looming college applications are incredibly stressful, so it’s important to have something to escape to.

       “As someone who has taken many AP classes each year and even college classes I find orchestra to be a necessary part of the balance in my life,” senior Aiden Boldra said. 

       Even with the extensive rules and restrictions due to COVID-19, high school students still look to music as a vital hobby to remain centered during hard times. These difficult circumstances are bringing groups, such as orchestra, even closer together.

       “Everyone’s love for music hasn’t changed and I absolutely love seeing everyone’s personalities shine through in this difficult time,” Erickson said.