Conifer Faces Littleton


Graciela Fischer

Senior Alex Ainsworth is called for a foul while rebounding

       The boy’s basketball team went against the Littleton Lions on Monday, January 22, at Conifer High School.

Energy filled the gym on Monday as the Conifer boys fought Littleton. The boys came with a strong attitude, and it was seen on the court. The Lobos communicated well and cheered each other on.

       “We were trying to stay cool, and both sides were definitely talking,” sophomore player, Myles Jordan, said. “We just tried to play our own game.”

       Many of the boys on the team feel as if their skills as a team are growing, especially in areas such as ball handling and shooting. The team still wants to see improvement in spacing, finishing, and finding their own team dynamic, which they feel they are close to fully having.

       “We didn’t give up,” sophomore Noah Bishop said. “We could have still made our shots, it was a rough shooting game. I could’ve made more shots, but I think I played pretty aggressively.”

       The final score of the game was 57-31, giving the win to Littleton. The Conifer boys team has their next game on Wednesday, February 24, at Conifer High School. They will be going against Golden. Fans can watch the game through a live stream, which can be accessed here.

       “I want to beat Golden,” Bishop said. “That’s my goal. I just want to win against them really badly.”