Library Renovations

       The Conifer library will be renovated this spring to make the space more accessible to students. The updates will include new furniture, a more open layout, new shelving, and generally a more collaborative work space for students.

       The new furniture includes different tables and chairs to make for a more open feel to the library. This, paired with lower bookshelves in the back, will make the library feel less boxy and lighter. On top of that, the conference rooms will be redone in an effort to make them more comfortable.

       The Conifer library is a public library but the librarians are hoping these changes can make it feel more like a school space as well. They are working with the public library to customize the space to better fit Conifer students. 

       “We’re hoping to paint as well, instead of icky brown it will be something more ‘Conifer’,”Library and Tech Aid Robin Hartman said.

       Along with the new color there will be a TV to help with virtual collaborations, a green screen for student filming, and a projector for sharing work.

       “I want to make this space a great place to work together,” Digital Teacher Librarian Karen McIntosh said. 

       The modifications are all being done with the student body in mind, and McIntosh is working to make this space the best it can be. She even hopes to add a stage area, with the possibility of new events taking place at Conifer. “I’m hoping to offer the space to kids,” McIntosh said.

       The events would include open mics during lunch or after school and poetry slams. “The key is to make it a relaxing environment for kids to hang out in,” Hartman said. 

       The changes should be finished by late spring when the library will hopefully be opened back up to students. McIntosh is optimistic about the renovations.

       “I think it’s going to be a fresh start!”