What’s Next with Sports

The Inside Look at the World of an Athlete During Covid


Elijah Roeper

The school’s track and field

     Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. It has canceled events like concerts and festivals. Schools and stores have closed. Sports had to take a pause in their season. But now, with the Covid-19 vaccine getting to the public, there is hope that life can soon go back to normal. 

     It’s no secret that high schools love their athletic programs. With the vaccine out, what is the next move for sports? Will we be able to go see our high school athletes?

     “I am hopeful there will be more athletic activities with the vaccine, because I haven’t gotten to play with my team since last March,” Junior Isabel Cloutier, a lacrosse player, said. “I understand why athletics couldn’t work with Covid, because we all know that we are very close with teammates, we share clothes and gear. It would’ve been hard to keep everyone safe playing with covid. I am very sad I didn’t get to play, but I definitely understand the decision.”

     Now that the Covid vaccine is being distributed in the public, there is hope that sports teams can start again in the summer of this year. These past months have been hard for athletes as many of them weren’t able to train, but now athletes are hopeful there will be a change and seasons will continue.

     “Covid definitely has affected me as an athlete because I wasn’t able to train year round or practice as much,” Senior Mckayla Hyames, a gymnast, sprinter for track, and diver, said, “I think the vaccine will make sports easier if everyone gets it and takes covid precautions seriously.”

     While some teams’ seasons were cut due to covid, some athletes were lucky to still play while taking as many precautions as possible. 

     “Covid did not really impact my season, yes, safety precautions were in place with 6 feet of social distancing and masks were taken seriously, but otherwise it was not really affected,” Freshman Madi Espinoza, a softball player, said. “I hope we can make a great outcome, still wearing masks, but also be safe during practice.”

     This upcoming spring season, only basketball and swim will be happening at Conifer High School. Some teams will be practicing their pre season in separate groups, and are taking many social distancing precautions. 

     “I think there will be more opportunities, I hope at least. This year with Covid it’s been really hard to find a time and place to actually get in the water,” Junior Ryan Moore, a swimmer, said, “…starting next week we will actually start our swim season with CHS so that’s pretty exciting and I’m surprised but glad it’s happening.” 

     Athletes are getting ready and excited to start their season. Athletes, coaches, and parentes are hoping with athletic programs starting that some normality can be brought back into their lives. 

     “For the past few months I’ve sort of accepted that I wouldn’t be able to play lacrosse this year, but I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with season b starting again,” Cloutier said.