Conifer Hopes to Return to Hybrid in Spring


Elijah Roeper

A sign on the door to the commons denying entry to anyone without an appointment

       Conifer High School moved to full remote learning last Monday, November 16th. Teachers and students are hopeful that cases will decrease and hybrid classes can resume again in the spring.

       “I live off of human contact,” sophomore Libby Hennes said. “I am hopeful for hybrid to restart in the spring so that I’ll be able to see friends that I don’t get to see outside of school and so that I can build relationships with teachers that I can’t build over Zoom calls and Google meets.

       The last day of in-person learning was on Thursday November 12th. Students and teachers already believed school would close the following week or after Thanksgiving Break. Students and teachers are struggling to adapt to 100% remote learning.

       “It’s rough. Students are having a tough go of it,” learning center teacher Mr. Cramer said. “Most are keeping their ‘head above water’, so to speak. But, for some, it’s straight Ds and Fs. There are so many distractions at home that school work gets sidelined constantly.”

       The issues with going remote are not only the grades students are getting, but also the difficulties with technology.

       “Every day there is a new problem that requires thought, innovation, and quick solutions.” digital teacher and librarian Ms. McIntosh said. “Remote learning makes it a little bit harder to problem-solve tech issues because we can’t see what’s going on and home wifi is an issue here in the mountains. Many days I work from school and tell students to meet me up at the library.”

       Many teachers and students are hopeful school will return to a hybrid model soon. The technology issues and distractions of learning from home make learning and teaching a challenge.

       “I hope we return to school immediately. I think we should have been in school the whole time,” science teacher Mr. Colborn said.

       Returning to school early in the spring is not likely. There is a possibility for school to return later in the spring, giving time for more people to be vaccinated.

       “No way we go back first thing in the spring,” sophomore Rhys Hanson said. “But as the vaccine rolls out, I think once people get it we will start going back.”

       Going from hybrid to entirely remote learning has not allowed new students and teachers to see how school is normally.

       “I am hopeful that we will be able to return to in-person school in the spring even if it’s hybrid,” Mrs. McIntosh said. “I’m optimistic about the effect Covid-19 vaccines might have and that by the end of the year we are back to in-person school. Being new to Conifer High School, I really can’t wait to see the ‘real’ high school in action!”