New Christmas Light Contest


Liam Christianson

One of the houses entering the competition shows off the lights as Christmas draws near

This Christmas year the Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce is holding a Christmas light contest to enjoy the great beauty of Christmas. To enter all it takes is a good amount of christmas lights and your location on the map for others to enjoy and rate their experience.

Jodi Dolph, who is heading the event, created this experience to simply let others have a great time and forget about the worries of COVID. This year is the first year the contest is going to begin.

“We typically have the Conifer Christmas parade in December, the first of December of every year in fact.” said Dolph, “And it was a huge tradition but because of COVID we are not allowed to do it for the time being. We decided to hold the event, ‘Light Up Conifer’.”

Ever since COVID started, Dolph has been planning this event for other people to join into the contest. Contestants will be facing off for a prize to see who can have the most and best christmas light show around Conifer.

“This contest will be starting on December 5th, we have told all our participants which includes businesses and residents from Conifer and Pine. All the way into evergreen and this will end on January 1st.” said Dolph, “We are doing three grand prize winners for businesses and residents who participate. They will receive gift bags with goodies from local businesses around the Conifer area.”

Dolph’s office, Keller Williams, is also participating in the business portion of the event. She hopes that this tradition will lead to a new tradition that Conifer has been hoping for. 

“Hopefully COVID will not be here next winter and this is the first year we have started this tradition.” Said Dolph, “This year could be a new year for the people in Conifer to have bright shining faces when they see the participants glorious lights, and if they smile I can smile at peace with this all too.”