Deer and Elk

Colorado’s 2020 Hunting Season

       Heart pounding, adrenaline racing, cold air chilling skin- hunters across the state of Colorado prepare to take the shot. Elk and deer season raced by as November’s end came closer.

       Colorado’s combined elk and deer rifle season started October 24th and ended November 22nd, as reported by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This gave hunters a short window to experience the thrill of the hunt.

       “When you’re out hunting you forget about everything else that’s going on and just set your mind on one thing. To me there aren’t a lot of things out there that can do that,” Freshman Lucas Stewart said.

       To some, like Stewart, hunting is a way to get food or take part in a more traditional lifestyle. Others see it as a way to get an entirely unique experience.

       “For me, what makes hunting exciting is that the next mountain you climb there could be a deer or an elk sitting on the top, so every time I am walking up a big hill or climbing a mountain I am constantly thinking about that.” Stewart said.

       Hunting is something that helps people connect to their environment and nature around them. It’s a way for people to make memories and form connections with others.

       “The most memorable part of my last hunt was when we saw a huge herd of elk probably 300 yards away from us, but they were just barely on private land, so we couldn’t go after them,” Stewart said. “It gets pretty crazy. Your blood really starts pumping.”