Coronavirus Testing: Colorado Compared Nationally

A nurse in Colorado being instructed on COVID-19 testing procedures

Senior Master Sgt. John Rohrer

A nurse in Colorado being instructed on COVID-19 testing procedures

       Colorado and other states around the nation are testing people at a faster rate than earlier this year. Results are received quicker for people getting tested for Coronavirus, and Colorado is part of this increase.

       “I had to do a virus test,” Floridian, Darlene Curtin, said. “She took an oversized q-tip and swabbed me.”

       Darlene had to do the virus test prior to her surgery. She was asked to remain at home for a week after the test to prevent catching anything before the day of her surgery.

       “I’ve had 6 tests,” Marylander, Jason Curtin, said. “The university is requiring testing of faculty and students every 30 days.”

       The time it takes to know the results of the test is a day to 2 days. The testing is done either swab or self-swab.

       “We’ve been doing it since March,” Jason said. “It hasn’t always been this quick.”

       Freshman Finley Graves had a test last week to determine if he had Coronavirus.

       “The doctor was very kind,” Graves said. “They gently shoved something up my nose and I was able to go to school the next day.”

       The results Foster received were much quicker than results from Florida in May.

       “I heard back the next day when I was getting ready to do online school,” Graves said.

       The testing experience was not all bad, and Finn was glad to have results quickly to know if he had Coronavirus.

       “Don’t be worried, it’s not gonna hurt,” Graves said. “It tickles like crazy.”