Track and Field Season Changed Due to Coronavirus


Elijah Roeper

The school’s track and field

       Track and Field will have a modified sports season with new safety precautions for the 2020-2021 year.

       “Last year our meet happened once and then it all got canceled,” Track and Field athlete, sophomore Samantha Tilly said.

       Track and field will begin in the spring, starting with practice on April 26th, giving time for the number of cases to decrease and for more planning to restart the sport as safely as possible.

        “Bleachers will be marked where people can sit,” Tilly said, “They might get rid of some events that have people in close proximity.”

       Each event is limited to 18 athletes, preventing too many people from attending at once. 

       “I imagine athletes will try to maintain six feet of distance while waiting for their race to start as a precaution,” Stotts Brian said, “Jeffco Stadium has plenty of space to accommodate spectators with six feet of distancing.”

       Cleaning the equipment won’t be too much of a challenge with the smaller number of schools and athletes allowed to participate in an event.

       “The only equipment athletes touch with their hands are throwing implements (shots and discs) and relay batons,” Stotts said. “Athletes bring their own throwing implements and keep their relay batons in their team cohorts. Track and Field should be relatively easy to run safely.”