Poms with Potential

Conifer’s new poms team keeps school spirit alive in an era of empty bleachers


Maya Dawson

Pom-poms are cast aside as the team prepares to rehearse their routine

       Silver pom-poms crash together, sending rainbows dancing across the softball field. With a 5-6-7-8 the team begins practice.

       “We decided to form a poms team this year because we knew there wouldn’t be a lot of students allowed at the games. We wanted to make sure the football team was as supported as possible,” senior Elena Eddy said.

       With COVID-19 precautions limiting the size of crowds, silent games and empty bleachers have become commonplace. The poms team is looking to change this, but the process hasn’t been easy. Shifting sports seasons and the hybrid school schedule have given them very little time to practice.

       “We did tryouts last week and are performing this Friday, so we’re moving really fast,” assistant coach Myriah Cronin said.

       The team’s first performance will be at Trailblazer Stadium during the Conifer v Green Mountain football game tomorrow, October 16th. The game will begin at 7:00. Despite this pressure, the girls remain unfazed.

       “You know, it’s not stressful. We’ve got some of a routine and what we do will be fine,” Senior Adde Hollander said.

       The team will be performing at football games and hope to cheer at lacrosse and basketball games later in the year. The twenty girls on the team have a wide range of experience levels. Some have been dancing or doing gymnastics since they were young while others are new to the sport entirely.

       “I think it’s fun. It’s a little challenging because I don’t know how to do certain turns and jumps, but the routine is good and I really like the people,” senior Avery Browne said.

       Regardless of experience, the girls are in good hands. Assistant coach Myriah Cronin used her extensive background in dance to choreograph the piece the girls will be performing on Friday.

       “I’ve been teaching dance, poms, acrobatics- really about every type of dance style for about 10 years,” Cronin said.

       As the game draws nearer the girls have been working tirelessly to master their routine. Yes, they are training to perform, but on a larger scale they are taking steps to make a fundamental shift in Conifer’s culture and school spirit, building an environment where students can better support one another.

       “My favorite part so far is that everyone is so eager. They’re ready. I love it,” Cronin said.