Alumni Returns to Conifer

Alison Gorrell visits the girl’s basketball team


Maya Dawson

Allison Gorrell worked with the girl’s basketball team during their preseason practice on Thursday, September 24th

       Allison Gorrell is a professional basketball player, sports psychologist, and Conifer High School alumni. She graduated from Conifer in 2011 but this Thursday she returned to the school to speak to the girl’s basketball team about what she has learned throughout her career.

       “I started playing basketball with my family. My older sister played at Conifer, my older brother played at Conifer, and my dad coached here back when I was playing,” Gorrell said.

       She continued to play basketball at the University of Wyoming, later transferring to Florida Atlantic University. After graduating college she went on to play basketball in Europe.

       “I never thought that basketball was going to take me around the world but now I’ve seen different countries and have friends all over the world, all because I followed my passion,” she said.

       Each year Gorrell signs a contract with a new team, which allows her to travel Europe. 

       “I was in Saarlouis, Germany last year and this year I’ll be in Newcastle, England,” she said.

       This year she will play for the Newcastle Eagles. Despite the complexity of her sport Gorrell’s advice for high schoolers is simple.

       “Whatever your thing is, whether it’s basketball or anything else, really follow your passion and jump headfirst into it. It will open a lot of doors for you.”