Cross Country Careens to a Close


Blake Wageman

Hanna Banfield, Allison Beston, and Samantha Shaver compete at the Ram Blaster cross country meet

       On Wednesday JV cross country competed at the Ram Blaster meet in Golden. Out of the six schools competing, Conifer’s boys placed second and the girls placed fourth, with senior Shane Beston placing first overall.

       Despite their success, crossing the finish line was bittersweet for many runners.

       “I’m really sad about it being the last meet of the season, but at least I’m not a senior so I have next season too,” junior Hanna Banfield said. 

       The pandemic has caused CHSAA to shorten the cross country season by two weeks. Practice will conclude mid October and the season will only hold seven of its usual eleven meets.

       “The season is way shorter and I’m very sad, mostly for the runners, because they have fewer opportunities to race and get in shape and hit their peak. It’s a huge bummer,” girl’s coach, Blake Wageman said. 

       This shortened season is particularly hard on seniors who are nearing the end of their last season on the team.

       “It was very emotional to say goodbye to so many of the seniors,” Wageman said. “They work so hard and are happy to be here. It’s really fun to be a part of and I’m very sad to think of them leaving.”

       Though some runners have already completed their season with others soon to follow the team remains optimistic.

       “I feel very accomplished,” senior Allison Beston said. “This is my first year and my last year and I’m so glad I joined the team.”