The Crown Returns to Conifer

Another softball win


Avery Aubin

The Lady Lobos show their appreciation for Junior Cheyenne Prieto’s game-winning homer at the bottom of the 6th inning during the rivalry game on Monday, September 14. Conifer took the game, 10-0.

     The Lady Lobos took the field on September 15 facing down the Evergreen Cougars in the annual rival match. After last year’s loss, they were ready to walk away with a win. 

     The game started off slow with the Lobos scoring the only run of the first four innings. Junior Cheyenne Prieto, state-ranked pitcher for the Lady Lobos, was on fire, striking out the fourth and fifth innings, and giving the Cougars nothing but heat. “Honestly, just having Chey on the mound is heaven sent,” junior Ashley Silvernale said. 

     At the bottom of the fifth the Lobos caught momentum and took the game. 

     With the start of the line up, junior Ashley Fritz got a hit to second and now we had a player on both 1st and 2nd. Junior Katy Sims was next up to bat getting a hit after we stole to 2nd. Next up was sophomore Regan Pell who hit a pop fly to 3rd, and we stole home. After several more solid hits the 5th inning ended with Conifer up 6-0.

     In the 6th inning, Prieto made quick work of the Evergreen batters, and we moved into offense. With two players on bases Katy Sims was up to bat once again. She took her time and waited for the right moment. Swinging hard, she scored a home run, giving Conifer three more runs. 

     “It feels good, it feels really good,” Sims said, this being the second home run she’s ever gotten. 

     Prieto was next in line to bat, and right after Sims hit hers, Prieto got her very own home run finishing the game an inning early with a score of 10-0. Currently, Prieto is ranked second in the state for the number of home runs hit this season.