Quick Meals, Full Bellies

Easy Entrees a welcome change to Conifer’s dining landscape


Maya Dawson

Easy Entrees is located across from the Yellow Barn in Conifer

Beach days and binge-watching have faded to all-nighters and anxiety as school returns. This lack of free time and need for quick meals on school nights is part of the inspiration behind Easy Entrees, a meal kit business operating across from the yellow barn in Conifer.

“Everything is included in the package,” employee Denise Conklin said. “It could be a prepared meal like our classic lasagna or something like beef stroganoff or crispy coconut chicken with sweet chili curry sauce.”

Despite the complexity of these meals, most can be prepared in under twenty minutes, making dinner a far less daunting task. Easy Entrees offers vegetarian and gluten free options as well.

Despite its success the owners did not initially set out to create a meal kit company.

“Laura and Julia are two sisters,” Conklin, the sister’s mother and employee said. “They came to look for a new space to rent for their catering business and stumbled upon a space that also had an existing business called Easy Entrees that was a meal kit company, so they embraced it.”

The sibling duo owns Silver Spoons Catering & Events in Lone Tree, which runs Easy Entrees. Laura lives in Evergreen which led to the discovery of the current Easy Entrees location.

“She kept driving by this little yellow house thinking ‘what a great spot to introduce her company to all her neighbors,’ and so she inquired and came to open the space,” Conklin said.

Easy Entrees bridges the gap between home-cooked food and eating out, providing a unique addition to Conifer’s dining scene.

“Easy Entrees has been really well received,” Conklin said. “People are finding out about us through Nextdoor and word of mouth and things are going very very well.”