Girls Soccer Pre-Season

Conifer Lobos girls soccer season about to begin


Photo by Maya Dawson

Freshman Julia Gnuechtel works on drills for soccer in the gym.

The Conifer Lobos girls soccer season is about to start. Tryouts for the team will be on Monday, March 2. The girls began their training back in the fall, preparing themselves for tryouts.

“We have started indoor sessions, we play 40 minute games, we also started that in the winter season,” Abby Thurman, a senior player, said. “We also began conditioning on Mondays and Wednesdays,”

The girls don’t have a specific place to practice. They have been practicing in the gym and the hallways of Conifer.

“It can be hard to train right now. We are working with balls that are specialized for gym floors,” freshman, Teagan Eisenring said.  “So, it’s not too bad,but if we were to use actual balls it would be hard.” 

The whole team has made their own goals for the season, however, the upperclassmen have one specific goal they want to complete. 

“I feel like we need to include the freshman more,” junior, Willa Bowen said. 

Senior, Abby Thurman also agreed with what Bowen said about including the freshman more. They both agreed that the bond is already solid, but there needs to be more confidence.

“Because there’s so many new players coming in, we just want to make sure everyone is comfortable while playing the game rather than being comfortable off the field,” Thurman said.