Literary Magazine

Magazine to Exhibit Student Work


Photo by Riley Patton

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    At Conifer there is a void in student representation many overlook… the arts.  

    “As an english teacher it frustrates me that there is no curriculum in the building that privileges creative writing,” Leslie Thompson, the CHS student media teacher said.  On top of this the school hosts no art shows, which completely eliminates opportunities for the Conifer community to appreciate student work.

    This year, however, things are going to change.  By the end of May the high school will have published a literary magazine for the first time ever.  This publication will feature student poetry, short stories, photography, and art.  

    “This is a great portfolio piece.  It looks great on a resume,” Laura Svigel, an art teacher, said.

    Any middle or high school student can enter their work to the magazine.  The best pieces will be selected and printed in 1,000 copies of the magazine to be distributed throughout Conifer and the surrounding area.  Students have the opportunity to share their passions with a wider audience than ever before. Thompson puts the significance of this opportunity simply.

   “Art is always needed, art is always important, and the written arts should have a place in Conifer High.”

    For information on submitting work to the magazine join the google classroom at 5w2c4yk. All submissions are due midnight, April 10th.