Not even Late Start for Foot of Snow and Slick Roads on Tuesday

Will we have a situation like this again?


Photo by Liam Christanson

The snow covered snow in Conifer’s front lot

     On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, about a foot of snow came down, ruining roads, blocking driveways, and other mischeifious things. From all of these dangerous situations the snow created for us all, the Jeffco school district did not call a snow day or even a late start for Conifer High School or West Jefferson Middle School students.

     Assistant principal & athletic director Eric Kragel, Kragel describes why Jeffco did not give the High school and Middle school a day off or a late start. 

     “District makes that call. It’s really just based on what transportation says if they can make the route,” Kragel said, “I know that Jason Glass always sends out a [message] that if you don’t feel safe taking your kids to school, you don’t have to do it. So, it still goes back to the parents,” Kragel said.

    A quick glance at the district website reminds families that the district will only close or delay school in the case of an extreme storm.

     “They do the best for the district, and look at what the transportation can do,” Kragel said. “We do have to get so many days [meaning by the reports of having snow days or delays] and everything and it’s not saying the district totally just says we’re not doing it or we have a delay.”