Journalists vs. DC

Student journalists travel to Washington DC.


Leslie Thompson

Conifer Student Media at the Washington Monument

     Washington DC.  A melting pot of our nation’s greatest minds, politicians, and journalists… and for the week of November 19th? 10 CHS students.

     This group of student journalists, videographers, and yearbook members attended the National Journalism Convention for a week of competitions, workshops, and sightseeing.

     “I think that traveling to any convention is the best way to show students something beyond the bounds of room A201,” Student Media teacher, Leslie Thompson said.

     Conifer’s small media program comprised 10 of the 6,000 students present at the convention, but this fact did not intimidate students.

     “It made me feel like there are other people out there who get it- like we’re not the only people who are doing this,” the newspaper editor, Riley Patton said.

     Despite the media programs’ small size, students excelled in competition.

     “My proudest moment was when 75% of the students who entered competitions made it to the national stage,” Thompson said.

     In sports writing Graciela Fischer, sophomore, took Honorable Mention.

     “I’ve actually never really written a sports story, so I was kind of nervous,” Fischer said.  Now, she’s found her stride, and next semester she will report on sporting events for the school.

     The convention was about more than education, though.

     “I had some of the best times I’ve had in my entire life,” junior newspaper editor, Zoe Watts said.  The team connected quickly, even though most members had not collaborated with one another prior to the trip.

     “Eating, sleeping, and existing together for a week forces everyone to bond,” Patton said.

     The students are now back to the daily grind of high school, but this is only the beginning of their journalistic adventures.

     “This was only my second national convention, and I confess it took me four years to recover from the last one,” Thompson said.  “This one went so well that I’ve already got the travel documents prepared for next falls convention!”