Looking For Alaska Review


Miles Halter, nicknamed Pudge, is obsessed with famous people’s last words and he just started at Culver Creek boarding school. His new roommate, a kid known as ‘The Colonel’ quickly becomes his first friend. The Colonel introduces Miles to the infamous prankster known as Alaska Young, and he is immediately captivated. While on Thanksgiving, Alaska reveals a side of herself not many people see, and it builds up to a complete mental breakdown. One night as Pudge and the Colonel are gaming, Alaska barges in, crying her heart out, saying she needs to leave. The two boys distract the principal while Alaska drives off to an undisclosed location. But after she leaves, everything is changed forever, destinies are sealed, and no one has all the answers.


If you decide to read this life-altering story, you will forget you are not actually living it. John Green shows us again how his tales can alter your entire perspective. Alaska Young is such a complex character that automatically draws you in while staying relatable to modern teenagers, and Miles Halter defies all the stereotypical male character roles which causes him to stay somewhat unpredictable in his actions.