Two Cars Vandalized

When pranks go too far

Two cars were vandalized in the CHS senior parking lot last week, both considered a prank by the kids who did it and got the pranks done to them. 

Jazlin Brewer’s car was parked in the senior lot and one of her friends drew an offensive symbol into the dirt coating it. The symbol was a swastika, better known as the symbol of the Nazis, but Brewer said it didn’t affect her much.

“I feel like people were just doing it to be funny,” Brewer said. “I didn’t really think anything of it.”

Principal Wesley Paxton, however, said the vandalism was “unacceptable,” although he couldn’t go into further details due to student privacy.

“I feel like it’s appalling,” Paxton said, “Whether it’s your religion, your race, your sexuality orientation, your ethnicity, anything like that, if there’s a derogatory term or comment or anything written, graffiti wise, it’s not acceptable.” 

The vandalism isn’t just against the student conduct of the school, it is also very disrespected and could have been taken the wrong way. Students and parents didn’t speak out about it, except one that said that this should not be taken lightly.

Brewer’s car wasn’t the only one that was vandalized. Esau Cloutier’s friends drew on his car with shaving cream. The signs were better than the swastika symbols, but were not school appropriate.

While the ‘prank’ might have been funny to him and his buddy, it did damage to his car’s paint job, chipping the paint in some spots. The topic was not talked about around the school and Paxton couldn’t say anything about it; it was also against school regulations. 

“I thought it was kind of funny but also annoying because I thought the shaving cream might damage it,” Cloutier said.