Friendly Fantasy Competition

Students compete against each other in fantasy football leagues



The NFL season is in full swing, as well as the fantasy football season. Many students at Conifer are participating in fantasy football leagues with friends and family.

A fantasy league generally consists of 12 participants/players. All of the players got together and drafted their fantasy team for the season before the season began. Fantasy drafts are usually done online, and the participants try to select some of the best NFL players that will accumulate the most points throughout the season. Once the season began, the participants went head to head against other participants involved in the same league.

“It’s fun to go against my friends and beat them,” sophomore Lias Kaanta said.

Kaanta is playing in a fantasy league that consists of all sophomores that attend CHS who are playing against each other for their second year.

In some leagues there doesn’t have to be any money involved; all that the players want to do is compete against their friends and hopefully beat them.

On September 6th, the regular season and fantasy season started and from then until December 30th, when the season ends, there will be an endless amount of bragging and trash talking between fantasy opponents about who has put together the ultimate dream team. Some of these fantasy leagues are more competitive than others.

“I like the competition against other family members,” sophomore Michael Fisher said. “The total winnings this year will be about $100, so the stakes are pretty high.”

In some cases, there is no entry fee for a league, and all the winner gets is some bragging rights, but in other scenarios, each player has to pay to enter, and the winner of the league gets to keep all or a large portion of the money.

“If you win at the end of the year, then you can just shove it in everybody else’s face,” Fisher said.

Now that the NFL season and fantasy season has started, students and teachers involved in fantasy leagues have been watching stats, talking trash, and will be working hard to be crowned the fantasy league champion.