Softball Players Participate in Adapted Softball Game


Photo courtesy of Aimee Ainsworth

The six Conifer softball players with the Chatfield baseball team after a day of fun day at Gold Crown helping the Jeffco middle school special education students.

The Gold Crown Fieldhouse lobby filled with middle school special education students, eager to play softball. Once in the gym, everyone stood as muffled sounds of the National Anthem filled the room. After the pre-game announcements, the students dispersed to their designated field to begin the games.


On Monday April 16, Conifer softball players Laurel Ainsworth (‘19), Lauren Prescott (‘19), Adie Brake (‘20), Josey Nichols (‘20), Amber Prescott (‘21), and Emma Mead (‘21), joined by the Chatfield baseball team, went down to Gold Crown to help with the Jeffco Adapted Softball game. Numerous Jeffco middle schools came together to play seven innings of softball.


The Adapted Softball game was a series of “innings.” During each inning, the first team batted through their lineup. When the last batter hit, they ran around all of the bases. The teams then switched sides and the other team hit. The high school softball and baseball players were there to assist in any way possible and make sure the middle schoolers had fun.


“I had a good time helping the kids play softball and I enjoyed watching them celebrate after they hit the ball and ran the bases. The best part is knowing that the kids are happy and having fun,” Lauren Prescott said.


The high school players were there to make sure the special education students were holding the bat right, made it all the way around the bases, and stayed involved. The goal was to allow the students to be as independent as possible but still succeed. Some students needed more help than others so the softball players had to adjust.


“It’s a humbling and unique experience. Even though I did it last year, you forget how lucky you are. You learn a lot from helping the special education kids. It’s really fun for us and for them. Hopefully next year we’ll have more of the team come because it’s a great experience,” Laurel Ainsworth said.

Photo courtesy of Aimee Ainsworth
West Jefferson Middle School played on Conifer’s field for the last inning. After the day was over, the softball players and special education students were eager to get a picture together.