CHS Shadows

Busy Principal’s Secretary


Trinity Foreman

Wesselhoff has a tattoo on her left wrist. In 2013 there were a series of fires in the northern Longmont region, the state needed funding to rebuild the area. Her tattoo is to commemorate that event, and 100% of the proceeds went to the fire victims. “It’s of a Colorado fire weed which is the first vegetation to pop up after the fire in that region.”

    Often times people consider a shadow to be something scary or strange, but shadows are simply a reflection of the being casting it, some complicated three dimensional creation, basking in a nearby light source. However, people don’t always see the full shape of what made the shadow.

    People can be like shadows, because you often see just a figure of them and not all the work they do. Everyone has hobbies, a history, and interesting lessons they’ve taken away from life, that aren’t always shared. The school, much like the world, is full of these shadows, and their beautiful origins are waiting to be discovered.

   Annie Wesselhoff is the principal’s secretary. She has several hobbies outside of school, with her family and friends, including fellow staff. Wesselhoff is a shadow, not because she’s mysterious or unseen, but because only the worker and a bit of the jokester in her are seen by the students that pass the office door everyday.

   “I am the principal’s secretary. It’s kind of a big job. They tell me I run the school, but I don’t know if that’s true. I am not a power person so it doesn’t affect me that way,” Wesselhoff said.       

     As the principal’s secretary, Wesselhoff does more than make copies for principal Wesley  Paxton. She fields all of his calls and often transfers people to a different department of the school to fill their needs.

   “I cover anything else that comes up, but mainly it’s Payroll, HR (Human Resources), and anything that falls behind,” Wesselhoff said.

   The front office staff members are all very busy people, and the amount of time they spend in the office together creates an environment where they can communicate, about both work and personal life.

   “We cover each other in the front office,” Wesselhoff said. “We girls in the office get together to do things: we went to film on the rocks and saw Bridesmaids, and we went to a comedy club.”

    Besides spending time with the office staff, Wesselhoff enjoys time with her family.

   “After I leave the school I have a husband at home, my sons in Denver, and my daughter lives in Vancouver,” Wesselhoff said. “We watch a lot of TV, probably more than we should, and we try to hike. I have two cats and a dog, so I like to spend time with them.”

   Despite having a busy job, it’s one that highlights her playful personality. She has been working at Conifer for almost 18 years and has been the principal’s secretary for two.

   “I love my job. This is my favorite job I have ever had in my life. I like being with the kids,” Wesselhoff said. “I am a big jokester; I am sure you have seen that side of me. I like to give the kids the eye, you know, the evil eye,” Wesselhoff said.

   Wesselhoff has several hobbies. She used to make stained glass, and enjoys outdoor activities with her family.

   “I have done a few pieces. We had an English teacher a few ago who was redoing his house, and I did about four or five [stained glass pieces]. The big piece I made for him was about 640 pieces [of glass],” Wesselhoff said. ” I also did a piece for Conifer Community Church, the lambs in the back.”

   Everyone has their own passions and things they enjoy doing. Wesselhoff does in particular, and she is even a bit of a thrill seeker..

   “I love roller coasters, I’ll tell you that. Roller coasters all day long. I can’t do the spinny ones but the roller coasters. I never used to open my eyes until about 10 years, ago and it’s just like, ‘Wow, this is way better, so now I keep my eyes open.  It’s hard to keep your eyes open at the first drop because you can see it, it’s so exciting. I don’t mind the upside down because sometimes it’s quick,” Wesselhoff said.

   There are a lot of little things that make up a person and little aspects you wouldn’t expect. Just like a shadow her everyday interactions are only a reflection,of the amazing person inside.It’s the past and the passions of someones that mold their life.Wesselhoff’’s views on her life make her job and her family life unique.

   “I feel like I have lived four lifetimes: childhood, high school/young adult, married with kids, and now,” Wesselhoff said.”I look at each of them as adventures, or chances to grow with maturity and be a better person.