Look at the Moon

What Moon?


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The moon was still visible with dark edges at the start. First signs appeared by 4:40 AM mountain time and the eclipse continued until around 6:00 AM.

Trinity Foreman
The sun covered half the moon increasing the details on the moon’s surface.

The moon disappeared on the morning of January 31st. This was the the first occurrence of a  total lunar eclipse and simultaneous blue blood moon in over 30 years. Lunar eclipses are not all that uncommon nor are blood moons, but the U.S has not seen a total lunar eclipse since 1986. The fact

Trinity Foreman
The moon neared a crescent at 5:30AM, around the same time that some of those watching saw a shooting star to the west.It was like watching a full month of the moon cycle in two hours.

that they were on the same day is extremely rare. The eclipse lasted from around 4:40 to 6:00 AM, and the moon was extremely bright until around 5:00. Just before the moon became fully shrouded from view, the red color was the most vibrant. By 6:05, the moon was nearly impossible to see and slowly came back into view for a short time before the sun rose. NASA live streamed the eclipse from several countries.