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Rebooting Recycling

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Here and there, we see things about recycling and how to help save the planet. In high schools, these things are sometimes put on the back burner when stress and convenience are introduced to the mix. Gabriel Watson, an English teacher at Conifer, plans to change this.

   “I got funding through an organization called Keep Colorado Green, which works to increase sustainability in communities, but also politically, on a larger scale,” Watson said.

   On a national and global level, KCG has staged sit ins and protests about things ranging from solar powered roofing to the use of fossil fuels.

   “Right now, the ideas focus around incentivizing local businesses in Conifer to recycle,” Watson said. “The easiest thing to do is recycle, where it’s right here, right now, but that’s not fixing the problem. We have this culture that produces and produces and produces, consumes and consumes and consumes, and that’s not actually sustainable.”

   Though not everything is in place yet, Watson is excited to have high school students running the Conifer chapter of the organization. Many students who have jobs in local places will be working to encourage recycling

   “We’re trying to get recycling into different places in Conifer,” senior Angela Giles said. At my work we don’t recycle, and I work for an accounting company in an office building that has multiple businesses. We go through so much paper, and water bottles and things get thrown away all the time. We’re going to try to talk to the head of the building and get a recycling bin.”

   “The organization works mostly on college campuses, which is why they are really excited to get a high school involved,” Watson said. “High schoolers tend to have so many constructive ideas about how to improve society, and they also have the energy to get it done, whereas adults just get used to it and let it fall apart.”

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