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The Conifer Side of Hurricane Harvey

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 With blustery winds tearing houses apart and storms flooding the streets, Hurricane Harvey caused mass destruction across the coast of Texas and ruined parts of the city of Houston. Hurricane Harvey has interrupted and impacted many lives here at Conifer High School.

    According to Jon Erdman from The Weather Channel, Hurricane Harvey has ruined property and families by flooding streets and houses with an estimated amount of 40 inches of water. There were 18 accounted deaths and countless people hospitalised. Johnna Smith, a student at Conifer High school, has seen the direct repercussions of being disconnected from her family.

    “A lot of my family was directly hit by the flooding, and my grandpa was actually supposed to send my brother a birthday present for his 21st birthday, so it was kind of a big deal, but my grandpa couldn’t send it to him because he couldn’t get out of his house for days,” Smith said.

    Many Conifer students have been seeing the simple but unfortunate impacts of the hurricane. Kids in Houston and surrounding towns aren’t able to go to school, communicate with their loved ones, or live normal lives. Gunner Truby, a freshman from Texas, has many friends in who have him hoping for the best.

    “I have friends in Corpus Christi, and their lives are being affected in every way. They can’t go to school sometimes, they can’t go to the grocery store; everything they do on a daily basis they can’t do anymore,” Truby said.

   Students like Gunner always have their friends and family in mind, and are constantly wishing they could do something.

    “I wish I could just buy them an airplane ticket to Colorado, and let them stay with me,” Truby said.

   Hurricane Harvey has been up through and across Texas and had millions scrambling. Now, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose are moving up toward Florida, and the hurricanes are estimated to head through Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. Irma has surpassed many records that past storms have set. According to Brandon Miller from CNN, 6,300,000 people have been evacuated out of the path of hurricane Irma, and the storm is the only storm to ever maintain 185mph winds for over 37 hours. This storm, along with Harvey, is also heavily impacting lives here at Conifer High School, and is worrying many students.

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