Book Review: It Ends With Us

“It ends with us” is a romance novel written by Colleen Hoover,  it is a book for teenagers and adults, not for younger kids.  It is a big book and has around 360 pages, the pages are pretty easy to read though.  This book came out in August of 2016 but is currently becoming more and more popular. 

This book became popular on TikTok,  where non-readers started reading it and loved it so much.  It is a book that you can get so sucked into you read it in one day and need to read the sequel, “It starts with us”.  This book is so intense and has so many turning points that you don’t think would happen.  

The novel tells the story of Lily Bloom and her doomed romance with Ryle Kincaid and traces her history, growing up in an abusive home, her fall into an abusive relationship, and her escape from that relationship. It has so many ups and downs and in the end everything is so different then how it started in the beginning.

This book has a lot of lessons that you learn and it helps understand how cruel people can be to one another and how so many people are affected by one thing.  Colleen Hoover wrote this book showing her experience and what she’s been through.  She is so strong to share her story because this book is super detailed and she told every single thing that happened to her personally and turned it into a book, hopefully helping people and sharing her story so people know what others go through, throughout their life.

She teaches people that life is never perfect and even though on the outside you can look like you’re living your best life ever but deep down you’re going through hell and you don’t know how to escape.  But she also shows that everything always figures itself out and you can always be happy again and live your life to the fullest.  “It ends with us” is a great book for lots of people and shares really good life lessons.