The Man Of Hockey


Victor fox plays goalie in his first playoff game.

Victor Fox loves hockey with all of his heart. His childhood, growing up in Saint Louis Missouri, was dominated by competitive hockey. His dad was from a successful hockey team in Penn State, so he grew up with his mind set on hockey. When Fox was 11 he joined a team called the Saint Louis Rockets. 

His team quickly rose to an A player. He played on the Rockets for the time he was in Saint Louis. When his family eventually moved to Colorado in October 2020 he found himself mid hockey season, he had to travel back and forth from Colorado to Saint Louis to finish the season with the Rockets, which might explain his hatred for travel. When the season was over he quit the Saint Louis Rockets to join the Colorado Highlands Team.

Victor Fox poses for a photo shoot during COVID-19. He is later going to be edited into the team photo.

On the Highlands he won his first tournament. He had previously gone to 12 tournaments and won second place on the Saint Louis Rockets 8 of the 12 times. When he joined the Highlanders the team rose to a double-A team and won their first gold medal.

“I was not surprised when I got to the team, as I put a lot of effort into the sport,” Fox said.

Fox loves Colorado for its cold weather and harsh winters. It’s the perfect area for hockey and sports of all types. He has a brother who plays on the same team as him.

Fox plays goalie and loves the position as he is always on the ice. His brother plays defender so they coordinate pretty well, even though they are rivals off the ice.

Fox has dipped his feet into other sports such as archery. He started archery because he was always interested in the fantasy side of archery and he saw it as a useful skill, too. He began with his best friend who had been an archer for a long time.

Fox is playing goalie and just blocked the puck with his hands.

 While playing for the Saint Louis Rockets Fox describes his time in Minnesota as a very competitive environment.

“Everything was so competitive there,” Fox said. “I really only knew the names of the goalies of the rival team.”

He describes Colorado as being less competitive than Minnesota.