Taking the Lead

Working hard on the field, Ellie Chase keeps control of the ball.

Provided by Ellie Chase

Working hard on the field, Ellie Chase keeps control of the ball.

Freshman Ellie Chase came into high school ready to take over.  Her busy life outside of school keeps her connected with friends.  She hikes, rock climbs, and plays soccer after doing homework.

Chase works hard to keep her spot as a right-wing player for her soccer team.  Keeping her grades up, soccer practice, and school take up most of her free time.  Because she’s been playing soccer since she was three, her best skill is crossing the ball across the field.  She plans on playing for Conifer throughout high school.  As of right now, Chase also plays competitively for a team called the Colorado Rush.

She loved watching soccer in the Olympics, even when the Women’s team was struggling.  

¨It was still fun to watch,” Chase said. “The Women’s Soccer group right now is gaining popularity, so that’s fun.” 

 Right now her main goal is to advance her skills and become a better player.  Her biggest inspiration is Megan Schnur.  Schnur was on the US Women’s soccer team and coached Chase last year.  Combined with intense training, tough coaching, and hard work, Chase has been inspired to better her playing skills as much as she can.

Right before Covid, Chase was able to take a trip to Arizona to play for the Colorado Rush in a tournament. The experience was unforgettable, and Chase was able to watch and learn from many other teams. 

“That was fun because we get to see different teams test our skill.  It’s also really good for team building because we spend lots of time together,” Chase said.  

The three-night trip included support from many other Rush teams who were also competing. Chase was lucky enough to be able to stay the whole tournament, as Covid restrictions were tightening and masks were required.

After such a rough year through the 20-21 season, she is ready to go back to her normal routine.  Soccer has become such a big part of her life and being able to play for both a club and the high school is something that Chase is ready to take on.