Review: The Atlas Six

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     Olivie Blake took the young adult world by storm when she published her debut novel, “The Atlas Six” in January of 2021. It follows several POVs as the story unfolds. 

     At the beginning of her book, Blake writes, “Beware the man who faces you unarmed. 

If in his eyes you are not the target, you can be sure you are the weapon.”

     Blake’s book follows six several talented magical academics, each of which is exceptionally powerful. They are introduced to the secret Alexandrian Society, which has curated an immense collection of knowledge. They are told that only five of them will be inducted when the year is over, one will not. 

     Every character has their own secrets and motivations. Their differing viewpoints, as well as their flaws, present them as more realistic to the reader. They never act out of character, while maintaining reasonable growth as they work through their own obstacles.

     The book uses Dark Academia to set the tone. It’s a perfect blend of mystery and magic, with dark turns around every corner. The dark secrets that are slowly uncovered add a complexity that is not often seen in YA books. 

     Blake is on her way to becoming one of the strongest YA authors in this decade. Her ability to create worlds is uncanny, and usually only seen in far more experienced writers. I advise all book lovers to keep an eye on Blake as we are sure to see great things from her in the future.