A Horse-training Volleyball Player

Izzy Allem is a well-rounded Conifer High School sophomore with big plans for the future

Izzy Allem, a sophomore at Conifer High School, has been working with horses for around 8 years. Her aunts had horses, so Allem had the opportunity to work with them whenever she visited. She started in Westernaires but switched to horse training when she realized that her future was going to take a different path. 

“I was in Westernaires for a few years, but I realized that wasn’t going to get me too far. I want to play volleyball in college, but I still want to work with horses,” Allem said.

Currently, Allem is working at a barn in Golden, where she’s in the process of training a 5-year-old rescue horse who had been abused. 

“He spooks easily, and he doesn’t trust people very much. It’s been a long process, but we’re finally getting somewhere with it,” Allem said.

After a couple of years of working with horses, Allem discovered her passion for volleyball. For two years, she has been playing volleyball and has landed herself on the Level 3 team at Conifer. 

“I really love it. I like playing on a team, and I’m really competitive,” Allem said. 

People have told Allem that she’s too tall to play her position as a setter, but the setter at the Air Force Academy is 6ft tall and is someone she looks up to. One day, Allem hopes to be on the Air Force volleyball team, too.

 “She’s kind of like an inspiration for me to never let anything get in the way of what you want to do,” Allem said.

If volleyball doesn’t work out for Allem, her second dream is to be in the FBI. She would want to work for the Human Resources department. Her willingness to help people and her family’s trend of being in the Air Force motivate her.

“I know being an FBI agent is hard, but helping is something I really really want to do,” Allem said.