Apex Legends Game Review


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A hero is re-spawned from a dropship following a battle

       Gunshots are everywhere, multiple teams get downed, and whooshes of dropships fill the air. In Apex Legends you never know if you have to fight multiple enemies or wait it out to strike an ambush.

       Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. This game offers fast shooting and looting gameplay for anyone up to the challenge. The legends/heroes are playable characters with unique and fun abilities for anyone to try out and see if they are your favorite pick. Apex Legends has been out for a few years now and its popularity is still growing. When Fortnite was getting a little repetitive for other players Apex Legends was a new opportunity for gamers in love with the battle royale genre to try something new.

       The legends of Apex are people with many different backgrounds. Some Legends are here for fame and glory, some are here to hide secrets, and some are here to make a difference for the outlands. The outlands are the place where the Apex games are hosted for the Legends to test their skills and be pitted against each other to become Apex Champions.

       Apex Legends is now in its 9th season, which features a new map and a new Legend named Valkyrie, who is the daughter of a character from the Titanfall 2 campaign named Viper. Valkyrie is here to make a mark. She is equipped with VTOL jets which give her the ability to fly or hover around the map. Her tactical ability is called missile swarm, which covers a huge area and deals small but stunning damage to other legends. Finally, Valkyrie’s ultimate power is named “Skyward Dive” which boosts her and her teammates into the air and lets them skydive into a better position.

       Something that has also come with this new season was a permanent game mode called the “Arena.” The Arena is a 3v3 battle in a small location for the players to test their skill in close combat and come up with strategies to win. The difference between the battle royale map and the arena is you buy your weapons at the start of the match in the arena game mode and the location is smaller. Then, the battle royale has you drop in with level 1 shields and pick up your weapons rather than buying them.

       Overall, Apex Legends is a battle royale that offers much to the players and takes time to learn and improvise in your techniques to finally win a match against other players across the world. For anyone who has played the game Titanfall 2, Apex is tied to it by the same producers and supporters, so if you enjoyed Titanfall 2 and are interested in the battle royale genre, give it a try. Even though Titanfall 2 is not free to play, Apex legends is free to play on any platform.