‘Jade Green’ Review


     Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor shares the terrifying story of orphaned fifteen-year-old Judith Sparrow. One month after her mother’s death, Judith goes to live with her mysterious uncle whom she had never met. Uncle Geoffrey was the only relative willing to take her in, but he had only one strange rule: nothing of the color green is allowed in the house. However, Judith can’t bear to part with a picture of her mother in a green frame, and she decides to keep it hidden from her uncle. It isn’t until Judith begins to notice some strange happenings that she realizes why her uncle had that peculiar rule, leading her to uncover the dark secret of the mysterious house. 


     This book was subtly scary, and the reader doesn’t realize how attached they are to the characters until they are in danger. The amazing imagery sweeps up the reader and takes them on an eerie journey of loss and madness. It shows the horrifying reality of the slow descent into potential insanity, and the twist ending will absolutely take your breath away.