Foxhole Court Book Review

General Summary

Neil is trying to keep the past a secret from everyone, and stay alive while living on the run. However, Exy has become a part of his life and when he is given a chance at a college scholarship to play the sport professionally he can’t turn down the offer. Not only is Exy his life but one of the other players is a ghost from his past that he refuses to walk away from twice. He struggles to stay alive and sane in the last place he wants to be – the spotlight.



Nora Sakavic somehow manages to take six different genres and put them all into this book, while still having lovable characters, interesting plots, and twists that come out of nowhere. This book has the fast paced plot of a sports book and creates a world I wish I was in. By the end of this book I wanted nothing more than to buy the next in the series to find out where the story leads.