Review: Damn Right

Denver’s most prominent Ska act’s album is an absolute banger


Damn Right Album cover. Photo courtesy of Bandcamp

     Local ska band, The Dendrites released an album titled Damn Right on October 31, 2017. The band presents a four-piece horn line and a four-piece rhythm section that fit together so effortlessly. Each individual member of the band adds an extra part to the ensemble as a whole, creating a wonderful sense of harmony and partnership in the album.

     The album holds 10 songs that are all mastered and mixed very well to create a superb balance between songs, without subtracting from their tone.

     The album’s second song “Escalator” begins with a catchy melody that is very pleasing to the ear, and it ends with a riff from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” which is an extraordinarily nice nod to the timeless band. 

     The albums fifth track “Fresh Prescription” immediately caught my attention with the synthesizer opening that sounds very out of place. Track number six, which is very good, “Oh Yea? Oh Yeah!” is very different from the other songs in some ways, as it included vocals, but very similar in other ways, like the rocking horn parts. 

     All of the solo sections fit in very nicely with the songs they’re in and don’t intrude on the overall feel of the track with each song feeling like an extension to the last. But not feeling too similar at the same time. 

     This album has gone above and beyond the hype surrounding it; plus, listening to it was a complete blast from start to finish. I have nothing but praise for this album.