Review: Midnight in America

The Ghoulies’ new album channels the weird part of AM radio


Photo courtesy of bandcamp

The Ghoulies released a new album titled Midnight in America and it’s amazing. This band never ceases to amaze me and this new album blew me away. Midnight in America is all about the low-end AM radio stories about UFO’s, aliens, spies, and anything you can think of.

    The album has 11 songs on it, starting with “Hot Rods from Outer Space,” which has one of the catchiest choruses on the album, paired with the amazing organ played throughout the album that really carries this song.

    The next song, “Texas Machete,” which was released as a single is such an energetic song about a serial killer down in Texas. The song is pushed by the solid drum beat, bass lines, and the organ chords carrying some of the melodies.

    Skipping one song to the album’s fourth song, “No Coast,” is a very punk song with a fast tempo, making fun of the state of California. One of the lyrics is “It seems to me that living and dying in the city of angels is overrated.”

    One of my personal favorite songs on the album, “Big Black Cadillac,” starts with a very heavy pattern played on the floor tom of the drumset, then followed up by lead vocalist, Adam Moore’s Elvis inspired vocals.

    “Lust-Filled She-Demons of the Cold War,” is such a unique song with an introduction about the Cold War spoken by their guitarist Jake Yergert. The song seems to be about communist spies planted by the Soviet Union in the United States.

    The album’s final song, “Lonely,” is a change of pace for The Ghoulies. The slower song showcases their lead vocalist playing his guitar. “Lonely,” is such an interesting song for the band to take on, and like usual, they knocked it out of the park.