Review: Know Their Parts

Younger Than Neil started with a bang


    Younger Than Neil’s first EP, Know Their Parts, was released in January 2016, and it’s disappointing to think that they no longer play songs off of this album live. The EP holds five songs: “Made To Kill,” “…Or Else the Terrorists Win,” “Phone Sex,” “Coastal Pains,” and “Tock.”

    “Made to Kill” starts with running sixteenth notes from the rhythm guitar that feeds into the lyrics by Ben Feliciano with his punk vocal style, then trading off with James McPherson’s lighter vocals. Something that’s very unique about Younger Than Neil is how they switch off of vocals between James (saxophone), Ben (vocals), and in the Never Quite Asleep EP, their drummer, Caleb Williams.

    “…Or Else the Terrorists Win” starts with the beginning of the U.S. national anthem that falls at the high note of “Oh say can you see,” which they incorporated very well. This song has one of my favorite horn parts with the rising and falling of each chord played by the ensemble. The vocals are mainly performed by James, but there are backing vocals from Ben.

    “Phone Sex” is all about being unemployed and what it’s like to live with no money. The track has a groovy bass opening accompanied by a slight accelerando. The overall feel of this song grooves so well that it’s fairly surprising when it stops for the next song, “Coastal Pains.”

    “Coastal Pains” is the slow song of the EP. The slower tempo allows for many solos to take hold. Before the third chorus, there’s an amazing guitar solo that causes a feeling of immeasurable joy. Then, shortly after the guitar solo, the trombone takes the overarching melody and forms its own solo.

    “Tock” is filled to the brim with clock puns; The chorus is “Tick Tick, We’ve got no time to Tock.” This song has such a steady tempo based off of Caleb’s eighth notes flowing throughout the song.

    Younger than Neil is one of the most prominent bands in Colorado, and they’re quite the show live. I can’t wait for their next album, and hopefully it won’t be two years apart like Know Their Parts and Never Quite Asleep.